The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Chapter 1.2: Goblin Arrows (Con't.)


And from five, there were now three.

Though perhaps partially out of sheer necessity, the trio found among themselves a certain kind of synergy, working together to confront the remaining goblins swiftly.

Among them remained a dwarven blade-for-hire by the name of Sambril Rockseeker, Gundren’s younger cousin hailing from the melting pot of Mintarn and wielding a dangerous glaive; a halfling “treasure hunter” and impossibly good sneak by the name of Orin Alderleaf; and an elusive huntress of the wood elf tribes, the serene Rinara Tal’andren.

Their array of talents saw Klarg and his assembly of guards easily felled after a short and violent struggle, but Yeemik had only treachery awaiting them as reward. When the goblin demanded gold for the prisoner and the adventurers refused, holding him to his promise, the creature shoved the captive over the raised stone ledge, sending him tumbling unconscious to the cavern floor down a slope of rock.

In response, Rinara sent an arrow through the goblin’s skull.

“Diplomacy,” was her cool remark.

The three needed rest themselves, so it was no burden to see to the warrior’s wounds as they did their own and bring him to beside their fire.

When he did rouse, after a time, their suspicions were affirmed: This was, indeed, Sildar Hallwinter. But where was Gundren?



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